Finglas Road

Clareville Park on the Finglas Road

Ten-minute walk: Clearview Shopping Centre to Harts' Corner (click picture for larger view):

Costa Café at Clearview

Burger King at Clearview

Exit from Clearview: Glenhill estate

Apartment blocks on the Finglas Road

Heading towards Old Finglas Road (left)

The Finglas River emerges from underground
The Finglas River joins the Tolka at Finglas Bridge

Tolka Walk heading towards Ashtown from Finglas Bridge
The heron stands guard at the junction of the two rivers

Another heron another day
Tolka Walk at Violet Hill estate (the other side of Finglas Bridge)
The Tolka continues on its way between Violet Hill and Glasnevin Cemetery
Tolka walk on the Cemetery side
Church of the Latter Day Saints

Cemetery through the railings

The Willows estate

Tree-lined approach to Hart's Corner
Topaz petrol station with shop and cafe

 Entrance to Claremont estate (the historic red-brick Clare Villa house on left) 
Claremont Estate

Entrance to Clareville estate

Clareville houses and park

Church of the Resurrection in Glasnevin Cemetery

Cemetery office and iconic graves

Cemetery parking

Sheltered housing at Clareville Court

Towerview Cottages

O'Connell Tower from Clareville Park

Cemetery offices and Museum/ Shop/ Café/ Restaurant 

Watch Tower (south-east end)
St Vincent's School

De Courcey Square
Sweeney, Wine Merchant
Murphy's Lane
Dalcassian Downs

The Court, Dalcassian Downs

Dan O'Connell said he would drive a coach and four through an Act of Parliament, and this is it: Prospect Avenue, a road built in between Finglas road and Botanic Road, so that people attending funerals would not have to pay Road Tolls
Shops on Prospect Road, Hart's Corner

 Hart's Corner, Prospect Avenue and Finglas Road

Hart's Corner and Botanic Road

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